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9 More Lessons for Would-Be Bloggers

A follow up to 9 Lessons for Would-be Bloggers.

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9 Lessons for Would-be Bloggers

A few lessons learned in 7 years of blogging.

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Gender Issues

Anne Zelenka, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Adobe Engage event on Tuesday, adds a valuable viewpoint to the recent gender discussion started reignited by Jason Kottke. (Anne and I have cross-linked in the past…she’s a deep thinker on social issues)

“Gender is an important category of diversity because women experience radically different life patterns and external expectations than men and so by including a critical mass of women you are more likely to get some orthogonal perspectives than if you include more men. Now of course you can go after diverse men too–and you should if you are concerned about overcoming groupthink and echo chamber effects. But if you leave out women almost entirely, you are leaving out representatives of half your potential audience. Even given similar intelligence profiles, career paths, and temperaments, a woman and a man are likely to have very different views on technology… because they come at it from vastly different experiences of the world. We experience more conflicting messages and more ambivalence around working in technology and working with technology than men do. Society expects different things from us, so we in turn may focus on what seems unimportant or uninteresting to men.”

More here

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Going to SXSW

This will be my first trip to the venerable SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin. If any of you, my fair readers, are attending I would love to meet up and chat. Drop me a line via email or in the comments…

Of course, we wouldn’t chat about blogging…probably more along the lines of Texas BBQ and beer. 🙂

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Rebuilding the Old Boss

Looking down the headlines at Techmeme lately has been like looking at the news headlines from the big corps in the world.

Of the first five big stories at the moment, 3 come from the New York Times, 1 from Google, and 1 from Microsoft.

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3 Predictions about Apple’s Social Software Future

The upcoming Macworld starts Monday. Here are some thoughts about where Apple might go with social software and hardware. First off, Apple is making a huge social software push. This is indicated not only in the up and coming MacWorld rumors, but in their already-released details of the next release of OS X: Leopard. If […]

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Surowiecki’s In Praise of Third Place

Lots of folks have been linking to this, and it’s really good so I thought I would, too. James Surowiecki, author of The Wisdom of Crowds, has written a great piece: In Praise of Third Place, which details Nintendo’s innovation while being in third place in the gaming industry…a position they fell to after their […]

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Win an XBox 360 Wireless Controller just for reading Bokardo!

Dear Readers, Comment on this post to win an XBox 360 wireless controller. ($40 value) Here’s a quick way to get a Holiday gift for your loved one: simply place a comment with your real name here on this post (and your real email address…which nobody but me can see…so I can notify you if […]

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How to Get Over People Breaking Your Design

I read an interesting quote from this short bio of Douglas Merrill, VP of Engineering at Google: There are no lasting technical solutions to social problems, and most interesting problems are social problems. “The particular tools and systems we give [people] yield certain kinds of problems,” he says. Merrill sees it as his job to […]

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A Fundamental Truth of the Web

Tim Berners-Lee: “People have, since it started, complained about the fact that there is junk on the web. And as a universal medium, of course, it is important that the web itself doesn’t try to decide what is publishable. The way quality works on the web is through links. It works because reputable writers make […]

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