ARCHIVE: April, 2010

Facebook Behaving Badly

The difference between Facebook’s public commentary on new features and the actual privacy implications of such features could not be more stark. Consider this tidbit from the EFF, Facebook Further Reduces Your Control Over Personal Information, about a change that Facebook made just days ago, on April 19: : “Once upon a time, Facebook could […]

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Strong, Weak, & Temporary Ties

Paul Adams, UX researcher at Google, is studying what sorts of relationships people have online. His latest piece, Designing for Social Interaction: Strong, Weak, & Temporary Ties shows how people mostly use social networks to map their life, not create a whole new online one:

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Apple Removes Rate on Delete for Apps in iPhone 4 – Mac Rumors

Apple is removing a much-maligned social feature from its iPhone software: Developers will be pleased to learn that Apple has removed a controversial "Rate on Delete" feature from iPhone 4. Starting in iPhone 2.2, when a user deleted an App from their iPhone, the operating system would ask the user to rate a App using […]

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