Make your Blog more Usable

Nice find in my referral logs.

My referral logs point me to Tom Johnson, author of a nice post called Twenty Usability Tips for Your Blog. Tom read my recent post on 9 Lessons for would-be Bloggers and uses Bokardo as an example of a site with a topic (social design). Cool!

Running down Tom’s list is an exercise in agreement. He’s uncovered many of the important daily activities of a blogger. There are only one or two that I don’t practice…not really out of disagreement but more out of laziness. 😉

Tom has an interesting topic of his own: “I blog about how emerging technologies such as blogging, podcasting, wikis, open source, and Web 2.0 can be applied to technical writing.”.

Sometimes my referral logs lead to the best stuff. Thanks for the post, Tom!

Published: April 9th, 2007