Tips for doing Lean Research

A nice set of notes here: The Right Way to Do Lean Research, curated from a discussion panel of several folks who really know their stuff: Christina Wodtke, Laura Klein, Todd Zaki-Warfel, and Mike Long.

  • Right questions: Ask the right questions and save a tremendous amount of time by knowing what you want to learn before doing research.
  • Right people: Talk to the right people about your product: the people would actually pay for it.
  • Right test: The research method you choose depends on what you want to learn and where you are in the product development process.
  • Right place: You try to put yourself in the right place to do the best research on the budget you have…whether you’re in or out of the office.
  • Right attitude: Having the right attitude when doing research is extremely important…are you really in a listening mode or are you selling?
  • Right documentation: Doing a bunch of research is valuable but you can quickly lose important insights if you don’t record everything well.
Published: September 3rd, 2014