Note: I'm currently not offering any services b/c I'm working full-time. (Director of UX at HubSpot).

Interface Design

Simple, usable interface design for social web applications.


I design simple, easy-to-use screens, forms, flows, and other interface elements for crucial interaction points. These include the following:

  • Sign-up Flows
    Perhaps the most important moment in the usage life-cycle of your customer, sign-up is a problem affecting almost every social web application. Good sign-up flows motivate people to give your product/service a shot, while poor sign-up flows leave people ambivalent about your offering.
  • Activity Streams
    Activity streams are becoming the de-facto interface element for social systems. Good activity streams show relevant information that can be acted upon. Bad activity streams are noisy and full of useless information. Finding a balance is crucial for the long-term engagement of your user base.
  • Reputation Systems
    Reputation systems are the lifeblood of online communities, modeling or recreating the hierarchy of interaction among its members. Well-designed reputation systems (profile pages, ranking systems, awards, etc) elicit positive engagement (and control bad behavior) while poorly-designed reputation systems accelerate gaming, spamming, and other forms of social disease.
  • Dashboards
    Dashboards are quick-views used to get status of the system. Well-designed dashboards expose the most important content and allow digging deeper. Poorly-designed dashboards often over-use the dashboard metaphor and clutter up the interface with dials and graphs.

What You Get

I redesign existing interfaces as well as design new ones from scratch. If necessary, I’ll work with your visual designers to incorporate an existing look/feel. Depending on your in-house design capability, the deliverable can be one of the following:

  • Wireframe
    Creating a wireframe is about making important structural and content choices that affect the long-term experience of application users. The result is a low-fidelity screen rendering that determines both what content is present and what priority it has on the screen, as well as how one screen flows with another and what interaction states are involved.
  • High-Fidelity Mockup
    The high-fidelity mockup adds the look and feel to a wireframe, culminating in a rendering of the final look of the screen. This stage incorporates visual styles, color pallettes, logos and other identity marks, as well as other branding elements.
    The high fidelity mockup realized in code using the latest web standards for a variety of devices, including mobile devices such as the iPhone.


I can price interface design on an hourly or project basis, depending on your needs.

How to Order

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