Note: I'm currently not offering any services b/c I'm working full-time. (Director of UX at HubSpot).

Strategic Consulting

Practical advice & focus to get your design headed in the right direction.


In addition to interface design and evaluation services, I offer strategic consulting aimed at focusing your design effort in the best possible direction. Here are some of the recent consulting projects I've worked on:

  • Created a data-driven social design product plan
  • Improved conversion rates for critical screens in a social web application
  • Measured and optimized a viral signup loop
  • Designed a reputation system for a social web application
  • Researched multiple directions for a unique social interaction problem

Who is this
service for?

This service is for folks who are responsible for the success and direction of a social web application. I tend to work with startup CEOs, design managers, and project leads: the people who need to make sure that every screen is pulling its weight, and who:

  • Base success at least partly on the effectiveness and usability of their web app.
  • Need practical and objective advice about what they're currently designing or what they might design in the future.
  • Need to ensure their feature set is appropriate for their design and business goals.
  • Want to transition their design process from ego-driven to data-driven.


I can bill strategic consulting hourly, by project, or on retainer, depending on your needs. Please contact me for pricing/rates.

How to Order

Get in touch via the contact form.

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