Adaptive Path working on Ajax app?

Sometimes it’s fun to be part of the rumor mill…or….whoops, look what I found.

Adaptive Path’s Janice Frasier writes optimistically about what going on in web design right now. She says that we might want to consider being amazed or inspired by things like Ajax, folksonomies, and amateurization.

More interestingly, though, is a tidbit found on a follow-up site by the developer Mike Buffington, in which he writes “I’m working on a super-secret project for Adaptive Path”. That is all he says, and since it was written 7 days before Janice’s article links to it, it’s probably Adaptive Path’s way of generating a little pre-release buzz. It looks like they’re learning a lot from 37Signals…who also makes Ajax applications like Basecamp and knows how to generate some pre-release buzz.

Well, consider it passed along.

Published: April 24th, 2005