Design is not veneer

Some good thoughts in Design is not veneer by Aral Balkan, including this one:

“There are no shortcuts to good design. There are no silver bullets, no magic buttons, no silver sixpences. Every design problem is unique. Design is a process, not a product. And you cannot take part in the process by ignoring the irrational, emotional, unpredictable beings who will be using your products. However much you may want to. However scary it may be to think of them. Quite on the contrary, you must base your process around them. Around understanding and fulfilling their needs. Because their needs are all that matter. Indirectly, their needs are your needs and your business’s needs. Because we are living in the age of user experience, where features are commodities and user experience is the differentiating factor.”

Published: December 29th, 2012

Hi there. So...I'm trying an experiment. I'm experimenting with product design and growth hacking strategies on a new project called What to Wear. It's a super simple service that sends you a daily email containing clothing recommendations based on the weather. My focus is to make it really useful, and it's free to sign up. Let me know what you think!