Designing for Social Traction (slide deck)

Here is the slide deck from a talk I gave last week at Delve, a two-day masterclass held in Brooklyn, NY.

The talk is in three parts, with each part focusing on a specific problem in software. Each problem is a major hurdle in what I call the usage lifecycle, or the stages people go through as they use and adopt software over time. These three hurdles come directly out of the work I do with clients…I’ve been focusing almost exclusively on these specific problems…I hope the slides help you focus on them as well.

The feedback from my talk has been great…lots of folks like to see these steps broken down…I think it helps make design challenges a little more manageable so you don’t feel overwhelmed with “so much is broken…what should I fix first?”. I would love any feedback you have as this new content will make its way into the 2nd edition of my book.

Also, these slides comprise about 50% of a workshop I’m offering (the workshop is more detailed and has exercises). If you are interested in having me give the workshop to you or your team, or having me give this talk to your team (complete with examples explained and backstories), get in touch.

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Published: August 11th, 2009