Google: Forms & Landing Pages are Key

Why forms are probably the most important part of your website.

A fascinating post by Googler Gavin Doolan:

If you are considering making changes to your website design, take a moment to consider the potential revenue impact of your redesign. (This graph) shows a theoretical overview of the ROI impact of various parts of your website.

I love that: “theoretical overview”. In other words, they really have no idea. But, if this is true, think about how it would rewire the way the design world works. Almost all money is pushed into technology and branding. Homepage, site redesigns, and custom CMSes are the cash cows of the design industry…imagine if most projects were not about those things but about simply improving these decision-oriented pages. Probably won’t happen, but fun to think about.

via Conversion Room: Improve your web-forms and increase conversions.

Published: February 8th, 2010