Looking for examples of microcopy

A new Flickr group helps archive examples of microcopy.

I’ve set up a new Flickr group with the express intent of aggregating examples of microcopy, that tiny copy (often shorter than a sentence) that helps clarify, explain, reduce commitment, or otherwise assuage someone performing (or considering) a task. You can find the group here:

Flickr: Microcopy

Creating the group was prompted by Relly Annett-Baker, a web copy-writer from England who is putting together some materials on the subject and asked if I had some good examples. I had a few, but most of the good ones have come from other folks who are working on cool things. It occurred to me that a Flickr group might be a good way to garner more interesting, curious and far-flung examples.

So feel free to add your examples directly to the group…it is open to the public.

And, if you’ve never heard this term before, read Writing Microcopy.

Published: November 12th, 2009