Question: What Web Design Conference gets you Molly, Eric, and iPods?

About this time every year work gets a lot more exciting because we release the web site for our User Interface Conference. This year we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary…by giving away iPods…to everyone. Check it out.

Answer: the User Interface 10 Conference, whose web site I just helped produce:

Cool features of the conference:

  1. One word: iPod
  2. You can learn great stuff from cool people and excellent speakers like the unequalled Molly & Eric
  3. You can see proof that I do actually have a day job, and that I’m not an independently wealthy freelance designer with no contracts (like some of you seem to believe)

Before you go check it out, let me make a disclaimer to all those code jockeys out there…just don’t look at the code: it is in a functional state only, not a presentable one. You’ve been warned.

User Interface 10 Sneak Preview

Published: March 30th, 2005