Much Ado About Pinterest

Funny piece by John Brandon called Much ado about Pinterest. John hits a funny middle place where he points out that Pinterest isn’t much more than a zeitgeist, merely showing what’s popular right now, but he also is very much drawn to it despite this.

From a design standpoint, I find Pinterest fascinating. Pinterest has made collecting and browsing images so easy that anybody can do it, and there are enough people on the service that you can quickly find something you’re interested in. If you even spend 15 minutes on the service you realize there are a lot of different ways to use it, from promoting your small business to collecting fashion tips to gawking at celebrities. It truly does have something for everyone.

I’m not sure about John’s suggestion that Pinterest is just the latest thing…it might be. But the core activity going on, sharing and grouping photos, is definitely here to stay.

Published: December 17th, 2012