New Resource: Principles of User Interface Design

The twenty or so design principles that I use all the time.

I’ve just published a new resource that I hope is useful: Principles of User Interface Design. It contains a list of 20 or so design principles that I refer to all the time. This was a good way to get them down into one spot…so I can point people there in the future.

You’ll also notice that the page is very simple and (I hope) extremely easy to read. I wanted to start from scratch and really simplify the page much more than a normal blog post and make it easily readable on mobile devices as much as larger screens. I first started using media queries and planning out different style sheets for different devices…I had an iPhone style sheet and an iPad style sheet. But as I simplified and simplified, it occurred to me that I might be able to get rid of media queries all together. So that’s what I did. There are only 13 CSS rules to the whole page…

So please let me know if you have any feedback on the new principles page…it is a work in progress and I’ll be improving it over time.

Published: May 8th, 2012