Not sure why I’m posting this video…

A moment of weakness in which I convinced myself that it would be nice for Bokardo readers to put a face with a name.

…because I can’t stand watching footage of myself, but I just stumbled upon an interview of me at last year’s Voices that Matter Conference in Nashville. I figured some folks out there might find it humorous/silly/blackmail material.

Designing for the Social Web with Joshua Porter

WARNING I did not wear any makeup for this interview. The producer people seemed to want me to put some on, and I said “Can I not?”. They weren’t pleased about that…but I wanted the world to see me in my natural state, you know? Next thing you know I’ll be Dove-transformed into Matthew McConaughey.

Anyway, it’s an interview in which I explain a couple high-level ideas from my book Designing for the Social Web. We talk about:

  • The Usage Lifecycle
  • What newspapers can do to get more readers
  • The problem of sign-up
  • Having authentic conversations with your audience

There is also a part 2, in which I talk a bit about optimizing for Google, but I can tell you it all right here: write unique, interesting content.

These videos are part of the nice Peachpit Video library, which include videos from speakers that I enjoy learning from such as Jeremy Keith, Molly Holzschlag, Robert Hoekman Jr., Nathan Shedroff, Gene Smith…and well you get the idea.

Published: February 12th, 2009