Permalinks and a Company’s Fortune

Are permalinks a reason for the growth of blogging?

Why There’s No Escaping the Blog on discusses living (and dying) by the blog. One of the most interesting parts is the following:

“A big reason for (the growth of blogging) is a tiny innovation called the permalink: a unique web address for each posting on every blog. Instead of linking to web pages, which can change, bloggers link to one another’s posts, which typically remain accessible indefinitely. This style of linking also gives blogs a viral quality, so a pertinent post can gain broad attention amazingly fast — and reputations can get taken down just as quickly.”

Although I think that there are many reasons for the growth of blogging (among them tools like Movable Type and Blogger, RSS, and a growing comfort with the Web), I think that permalinks are interesting. What I find even more interesting, though, is that writers at a money magazine are talking about technological details like a permalink leading to the changing fortunes of today’s companies.

Published: January 3rd, 2005