The best interface is no interface

One of the best reads of 2012 is The best interface is no interface by Golden Krishna. Golden makes a call-to-action to actually get rid of UI by designing more elegant interactions. He extols three principles that help build this framework:

  • Eliminate interfaces to embrace natural, everyday processes.
  • Leverage computers instead of catering to them.
  • Create a system that adapts for individuals.

The examples from this article are excellent…really the strength of the piece. In theory I would agree that the best interface is no interface…but the best interface, whether or not there is a physical component, still gives feedback. The Mercedes key design, for example, doesn’t have no interface…it has a very minimal interface. The Nest allows you to do almost nothing as it learns from your habits, but it still communicates and gives feedback about system status. To take the claim to the extreme, no interface would mean no feedback, no confirmation, and potentially a lack of feeling of control. I doubt that’s what Golden meant, but that’s why the piece is so good…because he gets you thinking at the edges.

Published: December 11th, 2012