Update on my new book, Make them Care!

A quick update on the book that won’t write itself.

Several folks have recently asked me when my new book is coming out…so here is a quick update. First off, I’ve completely revamped the book site to better reflect the contents of the book:

Official Make them Care! book site

Regular readers of Bokardo know that it has been over two years since I announced Make them Care!. On August 17, 2009 I even announced that it was “coming soon”.

Well, you could say that I got distracted. Shortly after I wrote that optimistic blog post, I jumped into what would become Performable, a company we sold to HubSpot this past June. (I’m now the Director of UX at HubSpot). This was certainly a good thing to get distracted by, but it stopped any and all momentum I had writing my book. I would grab a couple hours on a weekend here and there, but life is so busy that I just couldn’t get any momentum.

This past spring as I was preparing to speak at SXSW I reconsidered the scope of the book, and I worked on what I hope is a renewed, clearer focus for it. I changed the focus away from “sign up”, which is important but not the real hurdle that businesses face. I got really excited about the book again, and I started dedicating a little time to it here and there.

I’m not done yet, I’m still working on it (mostly on Saturday mornings). I’m not worried about it taking too long. I’m going to make it good, the best thing I’ve ever written. I don’t really care how long it takes…my first priority is quality. So I’m not ready yet to say when the book will be out, but I am telling you that it won’t be another two years. It will be measured in months.

In the meantime, go check out the new page for the book: Make them Care!.

Published: September 23rd, 2011