Note: I'm currently not offering any services b/c I'm working full-time. (Director of UX at HubSpot).


Bokardo Design specializes in the design & evaluation of interfaces for social web applications. This means that we both build and evaluate designs in all phases of completion, from ideas in someone's head all the way to established interfaces that many people use. We're currently offering the following services, which can be customized to suit your needs.

Interface Design

We design simple, easy-to-use screens, forms, flows, and other interface elements for crucial interaction points. These include application interfaces, landing pages, sign-up flows, profile pages, dashboards, embedded help systems, and activity streams.

We can redesign an existing interface or design a new screen from scratch. If necessary, we’ll work with your visual designers to incorporate an existing look/feel. The deliverable can be a detailed wireframe, a high-fidelity mockup, or HTML/CSS. Full service description

Interface Evaluation
(Usability Audit)

We evaluate the current effectiveness of your design. This includes evaluating everything from the interaction style to the look/feel to the copywriting. We provide rationale for each decision, along with examples of existing designs to model after (or avoid), delivering a set of detailed recommendations that your design team can implement immediately. Full service description

Strategic Consulting

In addition to design & evaluation services, Josh offers a strategic consulting service to help focus your design energies on what matters by talking with you about your existing issues, how to work through them, and how to improve your design over time. I act as an objective 3rd party, providing advice and direction, helping you translate your business strategy into actionable design. Full service description

Want to know more about these services? Get in touch: 508-954-1896