Web 2.0 as the Era of Interfaces, Redux

In this Era of Interfaces, we have many criss-crossing themes. Among them: Recommendation Systems are an end goal of Web 2.0 applications. This is done by collaborative filtering over user-supplied data. Examples of interfaces include Del.icio.us Popular, Movielens Movie Recommendations, and iTunes Music Store Top Songs. More semantic Data Formats. Joe Reger’s new tool highlights […]

In this Era of Interfaces, we have many criss-crossing themes. Among them:

In addition, we have many new questions:

  • How do you build an architecture of participation?
  • Is collaborative filtering only possible on large data stores?
  • What is the difference between Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web?
  • Is Ajax a Web 2.0 technology? Does the distinction matter?
  • Is there a future for a web-based Office suite?
  • How long will the distinction between a search engine and a blog search engine last?
  • Will RSS or Atom supercede XHTML as the display format of choice?
  • Who controls content?
  • What’s the difference between an application, a platform, an API, and an interface?
  • How do you monetize…X?
  • What are the limits of social software?
  • What will Microsoft do?
  • Who’s Buying Who?
  • Is Web 2.0 a marketing ploy, or something real?

Lots of questions, huh? And I’m sure I’m missing a ton of them, these were the ones I thought of in the last 5 minutes. Got an answer to or a viewpoint on any of them? Drop me an email at bokardo at bokardo daught com or add a comment.

By the way, the posts I linked to in the top section are ones that I’ve written since my first post about the Era of Interfaces, which I did on August 1, 2005, less than 2 months ago! Is the Web changing fast, or what?

Published: September 27th, 2005