ARCHIVE: December, 2004

You want Styles with That?

If you were to walk into a fast-content restaurant on the Web (as opposed to a fast-food restaurant in the physical world) and were asked you if you wanted “style” with that, what would you say? In other words, given the choice between minimally-styled content and heavily-styled content, which would you choose to use? Before […]

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Favorite Blog Entry: Follow-up

How your favorite blog posts lead directly to Kurt Vonnegut commenting on blogging!

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What’s Your Favorite Blog Entry?

I’ve got a question for you: what’s your favorite blog entry? What’s the one entry (from any blog) that you really remember, that perhaps was the start of your blog reading? Post your answer (and a link) in the comments below. This isn’t a random question: I have a theory about this. My theory is […]

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Apple, Innovation, and Me

I am what you might call a closet Mac fan. I use a Mac every day, for everything that I do, but I don’t evangelize it like many Mac users do. I don’t write about it much in my blog, and I don’t ever get into conversations with people about how much I enjoy using […]

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Why RSS is Coming to an Interface Near You

As many of you know by now, I’m greatly interested in how content aggregators are changing our behaviors on the Web (and thus our design). This week I step back a bit and take a closer look at the technology behind it all: RSS. Known for its explosive growth and its inherent spam-proofness, RSS technology […]

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