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Microsoft Didn’t Give User Data to DOJ in Privacy Case (podcast)

First, the podcast: Microsoft, Google, and the DOJ Privacy Case (7.21 MB mp3 )

During a meeting today at the Microsoft Search Champs Conference in Redmond, WA, Yusuf Mehdi, Senior VP of MSN Information Services, discussed the recent blowup involving the U.S. Government’s subpoena of personal information from major Search Engines including MSN, Yahoo, Google, and AOL. This was not the first time that the U.S. Government has requested information from corporations in this manner. It was, however, one of the most talked about, spurred on by a press release from Google, who announced that they had turned down the request. Soon after, it was revealed that both Yahoo and MSN has complied with it, casting an instant shadow over those companies. In response, Ken Moss, general manager of MSN web search, provided a few relevant details of the case on the MSN Search Blog.

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Parcelling Out Attention: Handling Requests for Product Placements on your Blog

As any blog grows, so do the demands on its writer’s time. An increased audience means increased attention, both positive and negative. Requests to look at this new product or write about that new company begin to come in just about the time when you’ve gotten into a groove writing, when your audience is becoming familiar with you and you them. In other words, at the point when you most clearly see that your audience really doesn’t want another product pitch.

Being a part of the Web20Workgroup has been a boon to Bokardo, and presumably, to the rest of its members. It meant an immediate increase in readership. And it meant a closer relationship with other bloggers who are firing off some of the best blog posts out there. The recent additions of Robert Scoble, Steve Rubel, and Stowe Boyd demonstrate that the Workgroup is attracting some of the most-read bloggers on the Web.

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Top Web 2.0 Events

Richard MacManus gives a great overview of the biggest Web 2.0 events of 2005.

I’ll add two more:

  1. iTunes supporting podcasts
  2. Housingmaps.com igniting a mapping revolution

Hey Richard, let’s have an even dozen!

An Introduction to Web 2.0

I haven’t seen a quick and easy introduction to Web 2.0 yet, so I created one over at Squidoo:

Introduction to Web 2.0

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19 Highly Recommended Blogs

The Web 2.0 Workgroup has added its 20th blog. This collection of Web 2.0-related web sites was started a couple months ago by Richard MacManus, Michael Arrington, and Frederico Oliveira, whose vision was to provide a list of high quality blogs that are writing about recent trends on the web together. Bokardo is happy to be a part of this growing community.

In addition to visiting the highly-recommended blogs below, you can get crazy and subscribe to them all at once with the OPML feed. Enjoy!

Category Sites
Analysis & Trends Read/WriteWeb, Dion Hinchcliffe,
Susan Mernit’s Blog, Web 2.0 Explorer
Companies & Products TechCrunch, SolutionWatch, eHub
Design & Usability WeBreakStuff, Bokardo,
ParticleTree, Emily Chang
VC & Business Jeff Clavier,
Podcasting PodTech, Web 2.0 Show
Tech & Development Programmable Web, CrunchNotes, Librarystuff
Commentary Scripting News, HorsePigCow

Web 2.0 Workgroup

Joining the Web 2.0 Workgroup

Bokardo has joined the Web 2.0 Workgroup, a “network of premium weblogs that write content exclusively about the new generation of the Web. Combined, these sites reach a large readership of influential technology and media professionals.” I’m excited to join, as the premise is that if you like one of the blogs within the workgroup, […]

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