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Nice comparison page: Breeze

Humans make decisions by comparing options…the better you can help people compare your product with what they’re already using the easier their decision will be (or the more likely they’ll make the right decision). Here’s a good example of a nicely-designed comparison page: Breeze: Compare Breeze with the rest. via @brilliantcrank

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Amy Hoy’s tips on starting a business

Building a business? Here’s a good place to start: Justin Jackson’s What Amy Hoy taught me about starting a business. In it, Amy Hoy shares a good framework to start with: Define what you want to achieve Forget ideas, study a market Target people with money Make sure you like your customer Identify where you’re […]

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Who Owns Your UX Philosophy?

Brad Feld asks Who Owns Your UX Philosophy?. “I’ve come to appreciate the important of a single person in the company owning the UX with this person being the arbiter of discussion around how to implement the UX. There’s nothing wrong with lots of different perspectives, but a single mind has to own it, synthesize […]

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The less expensive iPhone

Cheap vs. transformative: The easiest way to lower costs is to make something cheap. Cheap components, cheaply assembled, cheaply packaged, with cheap software and services, and cheap support, sold at razor-thin margins, results in a really cheap price tag. Nothing exemplifies this better than the netbooks of the last decade. Sold at unprecedentedly low price […]

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Mixpanel or KISSmetrics? Why I Made the Decision Before Seeing the Product

From the “total product experience” department…a nice story of a woman asking about product recommendations on Twitter and getting a much better initial user experience with KISSMetrics. Note that neither of these interactions actually have anything to do with the software…it’s all interpersonal communication. This is product experience in the age of Twitter… “Boom. They […]

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Enough time to sweat the details

Andy Budd nails it: “So this is the dirty little secret in our industry. The best designers and developers rarely have more talent. They simply have more time.” hat tip: @danritz

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