ARCHIVE: April, 2013

Product design replacing UX?

Product designer David Cole of Quora writes in The Rise of Product Design: “Looking back at the ideas espoused by the UX community, I find their relevance to my work winnowing by the year. Many of the practices seem forged in the fires of consultancy. Advocacy is a repeat theme in UX writing, but is […]

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To flat or not to flat?

Solid piece by Nick Bilton in the New York Times about the trend of flat UI: The Flattening of Design Several thoughts: 1) I’m not convinced that flat UI is a good thing…in my experience it does make UIs seem simpler but often at the expense of visual priority and affordances. Many flat UIs suffer […]

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How Facebook did UX testing for Home

Interesting piece on how Facebook did UX testing for their new Home software. Some of the more interesting bits include: Did most of the testing on Facebook employees (non-design or development) Utilized diary testing to find out about long-term effects of content (initial reaction is often positive, wanted to see how people liked it over […]

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Your product is replacing something…what is it?

Cindy Alvarez makes a great point about how people talk about products…when talking about using something new we usually talk about what we’re replacing. She suggests these comments take one of several forms: Now that I use X, I’ve stopped using Y Using X means I no longer need to do Y X is much […]

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Breaking the fundamentals

The fundamental purpose of an article page is to read the article, not read or click on something else.

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