ARCHIVE: September, 2013

Designing for change is about keeping users in control

Great post by Christina Wodtke on change: User don’t hate change. They hate you. The first point is critical: user’s don’t hate change. This knee-jerk explanation is almost always wrong. What people don’t like is to have to re-learn something they already knew. They don’t like starting over. They don’t like being forced to change […]

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Tell your design story

I think the future of sharing design work will be more about story and less about visuals.

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User Story vs. Job Story

I thought I was the only one who thought about user requirements like this…a nice insightful piece by Alan Klement: Replacing The User Story With The Job Story. Alan points out that with user stories it’s not as clear a connection between what someone wants to do (their goal) and the task they’re doing to […]

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