ARCHIVE: June, 2014

The hidden costs of switching

A good reminder from Tomasz Tunguz: The Hidden Costs Of The Switching Products In The Consumer Web “In most of the consumer web, I’ve come to believe switching costs are significantly greater than I ever suspected…switching from one product to another requires effort: the time to learn new software and build new behaviors. This is […]

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Changing the model for restaurant visits

A great read on changing from reservations to ticket sales for restaurants by Nick Kokonas, partner at the restaurant Alinea in Chicago: Tickets for Restaurants. This is really about product design…designing the product experience around attending a restaurant. What I like about this is that Nick has touched not only on the obvious improvements in […]

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Andy Baio on selling out

Great read by Andy Baio on the history and future of Diary of a Corporate Sellout. For those of you who don’t know what Upcoming was, it was an awesome events website where you could manage the events you wanted to go to (before those types of sites were popular) that Andy created and […]

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Creating badass users

Doing great design is as much about being in the right mindset as it is about anything else. Designers need to think about their users constantly…being empathic to their needs and behaviors. They need to continually ask themselves…does this help a user do what they want? It’s a constant challenge that any designer faces every […]

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Why ideas aren’t worthless

Popular wisdom says that ideas are nothing and “execution is everything”. There are so many ideas out there that the only ones which actually make a difference are the ones that get executed on. Makes sense, right? But, then you realize there are a lot of things that get executed on every day that really […]

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New resource: Principles of Product Design

I’ve just published Principles of Product Design, a list of ideas and principles that I try to keep in mind when designing products. I’ve been collecting these over the last couple of years while building product at HubSpot and working on the What to Wear daily report. I created it in the same fashion as […]

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