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Which Movie to Watch? An Overview of Recommendation Systems

During lunch at work one day this week we were talking about movies, one of our favorite topics. Both Jared and Christine suggested watching the new Val Kilmer movie: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. They said it was quirky, funny, clever, and just a great story. They highly recommended it. But I got to thinking. Why […]

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Selfish Tagging

Thomas Vander Wal makes some great comments on my latest post: Technorati Tags: What Are They Really?. He points to something that has been nagging at me, that the most useful tagging being done is selfish… It’s not nagging me because it’s selfish. I’m not sure selfish is even the word, because it implies a […]

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Del.icio.us Recommendations

(via Noah Brier) Del.icio.us, your favorite online bookmarking tool, has added a recommendations feature.

For any tag that you have used more than 10 times, del.icio.us gives you recommended content that has been tagged by others. And Joshua (Schacter) has an interesting implementation. He shows you both similar tags from other people as well as similar content. Here’s my Web 2.0 recommended page.

This is a fine example of the architecture of participation.

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