ARCHIVE: October, 2005

Web 2.0 Coverage

For a good account of several of the sessions here at Web 2.0, go see

I’ll be writing up the sessions I’m attending later. I try to do the stream of consciousness and I end up writing 20 lines of tangential thought for every interesting idea…

Google Maps Idea

I need a tool that allows me to remember places using Google maps. I envision a web-hosted service on which I can add “places”, by address, to an ever-increasing inventory. I wanted to be able to open up my “places” and see all the locations that I’ve marked. This would make travelling much easier. Right now, I’m entering and re-entering addresses into Google Maps and it’s really a pain.

Kind of like bookmarks for web pages, but bookmarks for places instead. Really simple. A lot like FoundCity but more personal and, of course, not just New York City.

If someone already has this, please let me know!

Web as Rain Forest

Steven Johnson, author of Interface Culture, Emergence, and Everything Bad Is Good for You, has written an article in Discover comparing Web 2.0 with a rainforest. Very interesting!

Which Came First, RSS or Web 2.0?

One of the tasks that Richard and I are currently taking on is how to describe the changing Web. It’s one of the more hairy chicken/egg problems I’ve encountered. On the one hand, we have a whole bunch of successful technologies like RSS, XHTML, WSDL, REST, and web services like Google Search, Hotmail, and browser […]

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O’Reilly answers What is Web 2.0?

Tim O’Reilly, Trend Spotter, has written what is sure to be a modern classic in What is Web 2.0, his first definitive piece on the topic. It’s a good one.

Conference Season

Conference Season is upon us. I’m going to two in the next month.

  • Web 2.0 Conference
    Next week I’ll be traveling out to San Francisco for the Web 2.0 Conference, hosted by Medialive and O’Reilly Media. I hope to meet a lot of the folks who I’ve been writing about, including the makers of many of the cool applications that are popping up like mad. Any Bokardo readers in the area? Drop me a line and we can have a chat! My email is bokardo at bokardo daught com.
  • User Interface 10 Conference
    The week after is the big one: User Interface 10 hosted by us at UIE. We’re really excited about this one because we have more people from more places coming to a line-up that you just can’t find anywhere else. I know I haven’t posted about this much, but I’m very proud of the speakers we have: Gerry McGovern, Molly and Eric, Kelly Goto, Kim Goodwin, and of course our founder Jared. I’m really looking forward to it!

Tis the Season.

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