ARCHIVE: February, 2010

Are You Fun to Follow on Twitter?

Over at Harvard Business Review, Tammy Erickson observes most tweets are not very interesting: Frankly, most people’s tweets are neither interesting nor fun to read — certainly not on a daily or hourly basis. Many, not at all. I say this with no condemnation, since I admit mine are pretty lousy, too. And I have […]

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Five User Experience Trends

Since my blog has been broken a lot recently I missed this excellent overview of Five User Experience trends by Gene Smith. I can’t help but agree with all of them: Services as Software – Gene is one of the first people in the UX industry to admit that good enough, fast and cheap tools […]

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Google: Forms & Landing Pages are Key

Why forms are probably the most important part of your website.

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Dreamers of Day

A gem of an idea from Lawrence of Arabia.

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