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ALA 4.0: A Few Thoughts

Alistapart, the venerable (hey, Mike Davidson used venerable, too) web design magazine started by Jeffrey Zeldman, has been updated to version 4.0.

A few thoughts as I peruse their design and new articles:

  • It’s beautiful. Just Pretty. This is a design that I would be really proud of. Jason Santa Maria takes a color pallete I love and adds little details like the black seal for a wonderful affect (update: JSM points out the old articles are grey. So now I *really* love the color pallete, as it gives a sense of home)
  • I wonder if changing the domain name will hurt traffic like it did for Keith Robinson (update: that was just temporary until the DNS propagated – great, if not intentional, advertising!)
  • Ruby on Rails, the platform underlying it all, is the cat’s meow
  • Comment feeds are now standard in WordPress installations. I’m in the process of adding them (along with other things) to my own hacked templates
  • We need more voices like those at Alistapart and Digital Web. Nothing is quite like sitting down to a new edition of those two publications
  • I really hope they start publishing on a regular schedule again
  • It looks like nobody’s figured out categories/tags yet. Here’s another shot at it
  • Jeffrey should write more. Just the tone he writes in is wonderful to read
  • Why is the layout left-aligned, and the comments paged?
  • Joe Clark is curmudgeon-like, and I mean that in a good way
  • Interesting use of “user science” as a top-level category
  • In Safari, when you roll over an article title that wraps, there is an interesting affect
  • What is the meaning of Semantician? 🙂
  • The bar is now higher

Selfish Tagging

Thomas Vander Wal makes some great comments on my latest post: Technorati Tags: What Are They Really?. He points to something that has been nagging at me, that the most useful tagging being done is selfish… It’s not nagging me because it’s selfish. I’m not sure selfish is even the word, because it implies a […]

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Technorati Tags: What Are They Really?

Round and round we go, where we’ll stop, nobody knows! The crazy game of tags gets crazier. What are Technorati tags really? And should we use them now that categories are being indexed in the same way? Jeff Jarvis has started another good conversation about tagging over at Buzzmachine. (He started another good conversation about […]

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