ARCHIVE: November, 2005

Passing Along Some Pointers

Ryan Carson is excited about his Web 2.0 workshop in the UK that he’s holding on February 8, 2006. Judging from the lineup, it looks like it will be a great show. He’s got the Tags guy, the Rails guy, the Flickr guy, the Feedburner guy, the Mint guy, the Dropsend guy, and the Yahoo guy. He definitely found the right group of folks to share their experiences.

Also, Doug Martin sends word that his new product is ready for tire kicking. It’s called LookLater, and is a bookmarking tool. He’s currently trying to get the word out, so I’m helping him along a bit. Looks interesting.

Pieter Overbeeke wants folks to check out, a tool to help you maintain your OPML file. I’m not quite there yet, but you early adopters might find something useful.

Finally, Alex Bard says that his company, Goowy, is growing fast. They provide traditional web services including web mail, contacts, calendar, games, widgets and more. Looks like another player in the Web-based Office space…

BTW: I don’t normally advertise for free. And since I’m getting more and more requests it’s getting hard to keep up. If you are interested in advertising for pennies in the burgeoning Bokardosphere, let me know. I’ve got some ideas about that…

Unbundled Media

In his Marketing 2.0, Noah Brier further riffs on Terry Heaton’s unbundled media idea.

“The effect of unbundling is being felt far and wide, both inside advertising and out. With the help of blogs, the fundamental unit of the web has officially moved to the article/entry, passing both “the individual page” as well as “the site” in terms of importance. The permalinks of blogs have created an atmosphere where it’s completely possible to bypass homepages all together, connecting directly with the desired content. Throw in RSS feeds and the whole idea of a website changes from destination to syndication.”

“from destination to syndication”. I like that.

Do not come to me. Take away with you what you will and be happy.

It’s a good read, full of Web 2.0 topics and transitions. He’s also taken an article I wrote last year a few steps further. For those new to the Bokardosphere (sorry, I couldn’t resist), here it is: Home Alone? How Content Aggregators Change Navigation and Control of Content

Domain as Identity?

Over time Bokardo has slowly become my online identity. It’s where I write, where people can contact me, where people subscribe to my feed, and where search engines crawl. Everything that I do goes through this domain in one way or another, either with a pingback or a link to. Also, in true Semantic Weblike […]

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Attention Podcast with Alex Barnett, Part 2

Alex has posted the 2nd half of the podcast he made out of a conversation we had this past week. We talked about attention, OPML, RSS, and everything in between. You’ll notice that we’re not format experts, and that’s basically the point, and leads to the question we keep asking: “How will this affect normal […]

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Attention Podcast with Alex Barnett

Alex Barnett has posted the first half of a podcast of a conversation that he and I had yesterday. Alex went through it immediately after we talked, wrote up some helpful notes with times on them (so you can skip around if you like), and published it. Thanks Alex! For those unfamiliar with Alex, he’s […]

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19 Highly Recommended Blogs

The Web 2.0 Workgroup has added its 20th blog. This collection of Web 2.0-related web sites was started a couple months ago by Richard MacManus, Michael Arrington, and Frederico Oliveira, whose vision was to provide a list of high quality blogs that are writing about recent trends on the web together. Bokardo is happy to be a part of this growing community.

In addition to visiting the highly-recommended blogs below, you can get crazy and subscribe to them all at once with the OPML feed. Enjoy!

Category Sites
Analysis & Trends Read/WriteWeb, Dion Hinchcliffe,
Susan Mernit’s Blog, Web 2.0 Explorer
Companies & Products TechCrunch, SolutionWatch, eHub
Design & Usability WeBreakStuff, Bokardo,
ParticleTree, Emily Chang
VC & Business Jeff Clavier,
Podcasting PodTech, Web 2.0 Show
Tech & Development Programmable Web, CrunchNotes, Librarystuff
Commentary Scripting News, HorsePigCow

Web 2.0 Workgroup

Attention, Buying a Car, and Control

One thing that really sticks in my craw is how many salesmen take advantage of ignorance. When I bought my first car, for example, the salesman considered me as someone who he should try and get as much money from as he could, not someone who he should offer a fair deal in the hopes […]

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Attention the Prom Queen

So Dave Winer finally linked to Steve Gillmor. That’s how big this attention thing is getting. Dave, whom I don’t know personally but from reading him for two years I can tell he is as deliberate as they come, silently admitted in linking to Steve that attention is becoming a coin of the realm. Of […]

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Cringely: Google = Web 2.0 = Game Over

I love reading Robert Cringely’s column over at PBS. He’s always got some amazingly interesting conspiracy or takeover theory that gets you thinking way beyond where you currently are.

Here I was imagining that Google would try to create a content platform with Google Base. Cringely, on the other hand, thinks Google is planting 20ft hardware boxes at 4.5 petabytes each at locations all along the Internet, to co-opt everyone’s data and put every other company on a platform below it, effectively taking over the Web. How do they do this? With their black fiber, of course!

That whole Google Office thing? That’s a laugh. It will be a small piece of their world-dominating technology. And he’s got links to get you thinking that he may just be onto something. I would love to be there when Larry or Sergei (the Google Guys) read this.

Cringely is either crazy, brilliant, or both. Whatever he is, he’s fun to read.

Podcast of Web 2.0 Talk

Update: Added slide deck. Ok, this is scary. I’m posting a podcast of me giving a talk on Web 2.0. (also posted on Brain Sparks, the supremely interesting UIE blog). My wife assures me that my voice does indeed sound like that, (much to my dismay). I was asked to speak at an NEASIST event […]

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