ARCHIVE: December, 2006

The Value of Self-expression

Nicholas Carr has a great post on Sharecropping the long tail “One of the fundamental economic characteristics of Web 2.0 is the distribution of production into the hands of the many and the concentration of the economic rewards into the hands of the few. It’s a sharecropping system, but the sharecroppers are generally happy because […]

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Why do People Tag?

Gene Smith has a nice cheat sheet of this important article on tagging systems. He quotes the article (which I had read quite some time back, but now with renewed interest) “The motivations to tag can be categorized into two high-level practices: organizational and social. The first arises from the use of tagging as an […]

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If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m horrible at cross-posting here at Bokardo. Here’s what I’ve been writing over at UIE: Watch and Learn: How Recommendation Systems are Redefining the Web The Freedom of Fast Iterations: How Netflix Designs a Winning Web Site Tips for Designing Powerful RIAs: An Interview with David Malouf and […]

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Use of “Social” Exploding

Here’s an indication that the word “social” is becoming significant to lots of people:

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A Refreshing Attitude

NYTimes blog: “Jim Buckmaster, the chief executive of Craigslist, caused lots of head-scratching Thursday as he tried to explain to a bunch of Wall Street types why his company is not interested in “monetizing” his ridiculously popular Web operation. Appearing at the UBS global media conference in New York, Mr. Buckmaster took questions from the […]

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Social Design Efficiency

Noah Brier: “I’ve been wondering for a while when it became socially acceptable to meet people from the online world in meat space. Way beyond the small likemind and coffee morning gatherings are 40 million Americans engaging in online dating. Ten years ago if I told someone I was going to meet an online friend […]

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Web as Platform

Tim O’Reilly is returning to the definition he started with: Web 2.0 is the Web as Platform. This is the definition that got me interested in Web 2.0 in the first place. It makes sense, easily contrasts with “desktop as platform”, and is accurate: we are seeing a tremendous platform move to the Web. Unfortunately, […]

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New York Times Goes Social

From the Seattle PI: “The New York Times unveiled a new service today that allows readers to quickly post stories that they find on the newspaper’s Web site to Digg, Facebook and Newsvine. It marks the first time that the country’s third-largest newspaper has added a news-sharing tool to its Web site, allowing readers to […]

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Yes Virginia, there is SPAM on Digg

When social design works, you get SPAM. When it works well, the community helps get rid of it. Cnet’s Elinor Mills, in a piece describing Digg rigging on a wide scale, writes: “dubious Internet marketers are planting stories, paying people to promote items, and otherwise trying to manipulate rankings on Digg and other so-called social-media […]

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XBox Wireless 360 Controller Winner

Bokardoan Lena Arvola has won the XBox 360 Wireless Controller contest. She was the lucky winner I chose at random last week to receive the prize. Lena runs On Task Technologies, a home based business that provides services in: graphic design, photography, photographic retouching and restoration, Website development and scanning. Congrats, Lena! I want to […]

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